Dawn of the Dead Price Shoppers

Lemme tell you a brief story...

It was black Friday.

I was out gettin' my bargains.

In a shopping centre.

The place was packed with price shoppers.

Wall-to-wall with the fuckers.

What was so strange about that particular black Friday, was how everybody looked.

They looked like junkies.

Like they were dead inside.

Even more dead and desperate than price shoppers and junkies usually look, which is saying a lot.

That's when it started.

A loud bang, followed by even louder screams.

Then another bang.

Louder screams.

Another bang.

The. Place. Went. Nuts.

To cut a short story even shorter, the loud bangs came from the double barrel shotgun a police officer was using to blast the living shit out of price shoppers.  At first I assumed he just hated price shoppers, like we all do; but that all changed when I saw a woman dressed in a nurses uniform, probably a real nurse, with a hand gun... blasting the fuck out of them too.

Then a pregnant woman and her husband joined in for kicks.

(He might not have been her husband. He could have been her brother, or lover, or bit on the side. I honestly don't know for sure.)

I wanted to grab a gun myself at one stage.

Anyway, Insane shit.

It was like something out of a horror movi...

Sorry, I was remembering a scene from a movie called Dawn of the Dead.

Ah, they were Zombies, not price shoppers.

Always confuses me that one.