Create Your Own Information Products

"Is Your Hard Work Being Wasted On Building Someone Elses Business For Them, Instead Of Your Own?


        Here's something you can't ignore: people in your market are actively searching for experts to help solve their problems. And yet, most marketers are consistently promoting affiliate offers to their email lists.

        Let's put this into perspective:

        Imagine working your ass off, day in and day out at your computer, putting your time, money and effort into getting people onto your email list. You then put more time and effort into building a relationship with your subscribers so they will trust you enough to spend money...

        ...and after ALL the hard work is done (and yes, that IS the hardest part of the process) you just send those people away to someone else so they can build THEIR business off the back of YOUR hard work.

        As batshit crazy as that sounds, it's what you're essentially doing if you are just an affiliate and don't sell your own info products.

That's A Lot Of Work For Whole Lot Of Nothing

        Now, I'm not saying you can't make good money selling other people's products.

        You can.

        But who pockets most of the cash?

        The product creator, right?

        Who builds the customer list?

        Yep, the product creator.

        Who is seen as the authority and expert in their market?

        The person solving problems, which again is the product creator.

        But who does all the hard work to get those customers for the product creators?

        YOU DO!

        In fact, when you're just an affiliate, and nothing else, you not only do all of the work to get traffic, create content, build email lists, send emails and whatever else you do to get attention; you also limit the growth of your business because YOUR business is focused on getting prospects while the product creators are the ones getting the customers.

        If you think this is a smart way to make money consistently online, you're seriously deluded.

        Sure, it can be done, but why on earth would you want to build a business that way, considering ALL the benefits go to the person who gets the customers and controls the sales process?

        Why put all that work in if you're not the one getting all the rewards?

        I mean, you're doing all the work anyway, so why should you only get a fraction of what you deserve for that work?

        You shouldn't.

        YOU should be getting ALL the benefits from the work YOU do, not someone else.

        If it was difficult to create and sell your own info products, I could then understand why you haven't done it yet.

        But it's not difficult.

        You can do it easily.

        And with the benefits you get from having your own products, you're leaving a lot of money on the table the longer you wait.

“Are You Ready To Learn The Easy Way To Create Info Products, Establish Yourself As The Expert In Your Niche, Build Your Own Buyers List, Keep 100% Of The Profits... And Take Your Internet Marketing Biz To Whole New Level?”

        Listen: If you're even "thinking" that you should be creating your own products, then YES - you need to start doing it sooner, rather than later.

        Right now there are a lot of people making a killing selling their own products - and as you know - most of them are over-hyped and worthless.

        Waiting around does nothing but keep you where you are right now.

        Why shouldn't YOU be the one helping people to solve their problems, and pocketing 100% of the profits, instead of sending them to buy junk from someone else?

        You already know the people who make all the money, have their own products. And what you might know too, is how they USE affiliates to help earn them money hand over fist... on autopilot.

        Don't you think you should be getting a piece of that pie?

        You should, and the best part is... you don't need anyone's permission to start doing it.

        You just need to make a decision, and then just start.

You Don't Need Expert Status To Do This

        Who gave Tony Robbins, or any of the other 11 billion "self help" gurus permission to write books, create videos or whatever else they do to get their message out to the world?

        No one bestowed these people with special abilities, or gave them degrees in their field, right?

        No more than a radio-talk-show host was given permission to sit on his or her ass all day babbling on for hours about god knows what.

        We're not splitting atoms here.

        All we are doing is finding problems and doing the necessary work to deliver the solutions.

        It's admirable work.

        It's necessary.

        It's in demand.

        It's easy to do.

        And it just so happens that it pays pretty darn well to boot.

What You'll Learn Inside "Effortless Info Product"...

Yep, this is true
How to replicate million dollar product ideas that are easy to create, simple to edit, inexpensive to host, take no time to deliver and which cost you almost nothing to start putting together
The time it takes you to create a product does not determine how valuable it is to your customer
How to create your very first information product in less than a day, which is also one of the most lucrative products to create and one of your prospects in-demand ways of learning
When you address your prospects biggest obstacles, you win the game of advertising
How going against what most marketers do when advertising their business is guaranteed to get you the lions share of the attention and make you more sales
You'll hear a lot of bollox about how NEW this is and how UNIQUE that is, but make no mistake about it, EVERYTHING is a variation of ANOTHER thing
How to leverage other people's work, without copying, and use it to fast-track the creation process
Tools Tools Tools. The best are not always the ones most used
You will learn all the best tools of the trade, free & paid, that should be used for better results when creating Text, Audio and Video products
Not all products have everything everyone needs. Learn how to fill in the gaps
How to leverage other peoples products to increase conversions and fill in any gaps that your own products have
Turn on the news. What do you see?
Why almost ALL marketers focus on the solution when it comes to problems - and why they just might be missing a beat
A headline that has everything, is very rare. This one has everything, and boy will it give you a very powerful lesson
Watch me dissect the best headline ever written and how you can model the structure for your own headlines
Did you know your reptillian brain is a douchebag?
Find out why humans are hard-wired to look for problems in their lives, and how you can ethically take advantage of this fact
When I finally understood this, I went from having a hobby-business to a serious-business
Why understanding the 3 elements of how an information business functions, will change your whole perspective and help you go from treating it like a hobby, to treating it like a REAL business
When I heard this from a jesuit priest about 10 years ago, it changed my life. Now, it will change how you market your products forever
Why you don't even realise you have a tooth, or a head for that matter, until you have pain - and what this can teach you about product creation and product delivery
Don't know about you, but I liked the Joker better than Batman. Wonder if we can use this. Oh wait, I do. I did. You will too when you find out what it is
What the Joker & Batman can teach you about building anticipation for your info products - and how to tap into your prospects desire to stay focused on your content right until the end
Looong, boring presentations with a bunch of text on the screen, is sooo last 2 years
Watch me demystify the process of creating presentation slides that keep your customers engaged all the way through your product
Who is the most boring person on the planet? No one knows
How to create EXCITING content and deliver it to your customers in the most engaging way
You have no idea how powerful this is and how easy it is to use
The secret to breaking content down into bite-sized chunks and delivering it to your customers in a detailed and very simple-to-follow way
When you start using this simple system, you'll kick yourself at not starting the product creation process earlier
The ONLY way to structure and outline a first-class product that actually forces your customer to take action and get a result from your product (remember, if they don't take action with your content, they won't buy from you again and you'll lose a lot of money because of it)
Narrowing your focus is very important, however, there's a right and wrong time to do it
Why it's a MYTH that you have to focus on a narrow niche when creating an information product (marketers have done a great disservice by perpetuating this lie)
The biggest crime is creating a product no one wants
The 6 places you MUST go to for researching and validating any topic to make sure people will gladly pay for it
Your biggest obstacle, will be people's INERTIA. Without a great hook, you're fooked
How to find HOOKS for your products which guarantee your prospects stand up and pay attention when they come across your products
Hey, open your eyes. They're all around us
How to model the best selling products in your marketplace and how to come up with unique and powerful ideas for your own products
Oooh, you don't need to be a copywriter it seems
The 10 things you MUST know before you even consider creating a sales page to sell your products
No. People do NOT shop on price unless they are buying a bloody loaf of bread
How to price your products for maximum sales without needing to be an expert or an authority in your marketplace
What's the biggest mistake you can ever make when marketing your products?
How to break the traditional bullshit rules when it comes to marketing your information products in an overcrowded and cluttered marketplace
There are just 4 - and yes, you need to know what they are if you want to, like, you know, sell your products online
The 4 elements of getting attention that you need to focus on ahead of all others when it comes to getting your info products in front of people
Of course I want you to create your own products, but I also want you to leverage other peoples too. BONUSES. ANYONE?
How to take already completed bestselling products and adapt them to your own products to create a home-run product people will trip over themselves to get their hands on
Robert Collier knew a thing or two about how to do this. Don't fret, I'll show you how to do it too
How to enter the conversation already going on inside your prospects minds and how to get them salivating like Pavlovs dogs when you present your offer to them
Seriously, I'll do it right in front of your eyes, but please, NO pictures
Watch over my shoulders as I take ALREADY existing content and create a product out of it WITHOUT cheating or copying someone elses work
To be fair, there ARE more than one. But this one is the one which kills ALL digital businesses ALL of the time. Pssst, I wonder why the failure rate is too damn high
The ONE thing that'll kill your chances of making a lot of money from your products (this ONE thing can be the biggest game changer for you)

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        So, it's now or never to make a choice on whether Effortless Info Products is right for you, or not.

        Or whether it's worth letting it slip by as you continue to do what everyone else has been taught to do - and inevitably get the same results as the many in your market.

        Just think about the difference between being the affiliate who does all the grunt work to build someone elses business, OR being the product creator who gets the customers, keeps 100% of the profits, develops that trust & credibility, and of course, has complete control of their business too.

       That trust and credibility you get from having your own products, by the way, is also why product creators make the most money from being an affiliate marketers too.

        Yes, you can do both.

        But if you had to choose just one business model; "being an affiliate, or a product creator" you'd be foolish to choose the one which gives you the least possible rewards for the amount of time and effort you put in.

       And because you can create your own products effortlessly, there's NO excuse or reason not to get started right away.

        The longer you put it off, the more detrimental it could be to your business.

        Every day you work to get traffic and build your list, is another day spent building someone elses business for them.

        It's not good enough.

        Seriously, just think about it.

        It's not rocket science I'm spouting here; it's common sense.

        And of course, with my unconditional 365 day no questions guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by starting today, right now.

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When you log into the members area, you will first see a "Welcome" video which will walk you through everything on the site, how to navigate the site, where the downloads are, and how to get the most out of the training.

There are 33 video lessons at the core of Effortless Info Products" which you can watch in full HD inside the members area. Each lesson is about 15 minutes long (over 7 hours in total, excluding bonus videos) and there are audio files and PDF's as well as the PowerPoint Slides available for each module to download.

There are bonus video trainings and bonus PDF guides inside waiting for you too. Don't worry, everything you need to create information products in a clear, practical and uncomplicated way, is what you'll be getting... and more.

The Effortless Info Products approach works for any business, in any market, for anyone. It's universal. Information is information, and people are people. No matter what you think, you can create information products for any type of business imaginable, and it all works in the same way for each business too.
Absolutely. I didn't have a list when I first started; nobody does. However, what's universal is that every single person wishes they started building their list sooner. Well, this goes for creating and selling your own products too. The sooner you begin, the better positioned you will be when you do start building your list.
There are 3 critical elements to every single business that exists today. The first element is "Value Creation". Once you create a product, market that product, and then deliver that product; you then have a business. However, you have to create the value before the proceeding elements come into play.
Inside Effortless Info Products we not only validate existing ideas members have, we also develop ideas for products too. Which, by the way, is pretty darn easy.
There's like, eleventeen billion product creation courses on the market, and yet, here I am selling one too. The simple truth is that people buy products these days based NOT on which is the best, but on which is the most appealing to them. And that, my friend, levels the playing field. It's not about being better. Instead, it's about being different. And yes, YOU are different.
How? Are you seriously telling me you can't research a topic, gather information, and then tell people what you've discovered? You ABSOLUTELY CAN do this. Besides, I'll be the one making damn sure you do it in the right way.
I have dedicated a whole module teaching you how to sell without needing to be a master copywriter. I have even included a 10-point framework that will take you step-by-step through the process of outlining a simple-to-set-up sales page.
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Try "Effortless Info Products" Now For A Full Year... Risk Free!

Listen: I don't care if it's an hour from now or 12 months from now, if you're not happy, I'm not happy. Simply drop me a line and I'll Instantly refund every penny of your money without question.

Not many business providers will give such a lengthy guarantee on their products, but I believe in what I teach, and I'm certain this will be one of the best Investments you have made online... to date!


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