How to Easily Get More Stuff Done While Increasing the Quality of Your Life

Structure is what gives you freedom

When you structure your day, you'll win the day.

If you structure your day, and don't win the day, then my friend, that's on YOU.

You can't complain that you're overwhelmed.

You can't complain that it's difficult.

You can't blame anyone but yourself.

What structuring your day gives you more than anything else, is FULL responsibility.

So maybe for many people, not structuring their day is the excuse they can fall back on when they piss about and do nothing and end up with nothing as a result. It's nice then to blame it on anything other than themselves.

That's the justification for being a lazy fucker.

However, if you set out a plan for the day, and you don't follow through, then you have no excuses to fall back on.

So what should you structure?

For myself, I have played around with many different tactics and strategies to help keep me on track and productive.

One thing which I have done for years and still do today, is to just write out 3 "work" tasks to complete every day.

Another thing I have been playing with lately is the four quadrant LIFE success builder.

It goes like this:

You get a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of the page, and another across the center.

You now have four boxes.

In each box I put in a category like so...

Box 1: Body
Box 2: Mind
Box 3: Relationships
Box 4: Business

Each night before bed I put into each box what I want to achieve that day.

Things that I know will help me in every aspect of my life.

In box 1 (body) it could just be a 15 minute exercise routine.

In box 2 (mind) it could be an inspirational or motivational article or video.

In box 3 (relationship) it could just be phoning my Mother to tell her I love her.

In box 4 (business) I ALWAYS put in 3 tasks to complete.

Here's an example of what a daily success quadrant could look like...

No matter what happens. No matter how shitty life can be. No matter how bad my day is. No matter what happens outside of myself...

I KNOW that if I complete that quadrant each and every day, my life will never be out of MY control. And due to compounding, every part of my life AND business will always be growing.

Yes it's simple.

Yes, it's simple.

Yes, it IS bloody simple.

But it is also very powerful because it means no matter what happens in your life and in your business, you ALWAYS have the power to adapt, change and grow as long as you complete your success quadrant each and every day.

The best part?

NO excuses.

Try it.