Go Slow and Focus On One Thing At a Time

You see, the performance is where you focus your efforts, not on the result.

If you don't know who Jurgen Klopp is, he's the LFC (Liverpool Football Club) manager, and he made that statement after his team bashed AFC (Arsenal Football Club) in a Premier League game a couple of weeks ago.

This is something I fear you might be missing.

You know, focusing on getting a result instead of focusing on the first step, then the second, and third?

That's the secret to getting the end result.

If it's obvious, then why do so many miss it?


They rush.


Try to cram too much stuff into so little time.

I don't do that.

In fact, I practically do the opposite, and because of this approach, I get opposite results than the many who fail to make a living on the interweb.

If I'm anything, it's that I'm a lazy fucker who knows how to manipulate time and bend it to my will.

Many years ago I was down the local snooker hall with a bunch of lads playing a game of pool.

We played a game where each person was given 60 seconds to pot as many balls as possible on the table.

What do you think each person did when it was their turn?

They ran around the table at lightning speed trying to pot as many balls as possible.

It seemed like the obvious thing to do.

However, because they were rushing their shots, and focusing on the END goal of potting as many as possible, they kept missing their shots. In most cases they were missing very simple shots; having to take 2 or 3 attempts to pot a single ball into the pocket.

None of them did too well.

When it was my turn, I didn't take that approach.

Instead of running around the table, rushing my shots, I took my sweet time and focused on potting each INDIVIDUAL ball on the first attempt.

Even though I inevitably had taken far less shots than everyone else who tried, I was the one who pot the most balls and won the game.

It helped that I was a good pool player, but make no mistake about it, I won that game because I made damn sure each shot I took got my full attention.

That, my friend, is also why I get a lot of tasks completed at the end of each week, instead of having a bunch of unfinished tasks or tasks done half-arsed.


Never do I look to get a million things done each day.

In fact, I ONLY ever focus on completing 3 tasks a day.

If I complete 3 tasks every day, then compounding will take care of the rest by the end of the week, month and year.

All those 3 tasks add up to a lot of completed tasks come the end of the month and the end of the year.

Yes, it's logical to assume that 10 tasks a day is going to get you better results than 3 tasks a day, but you'd be sadly mistaken.

That's NOT how it works.

That's no different than running around a pool table like a headless chicken trying to pot as many balls as you can in 60 seconds.

The BEST strategy is to take your time and focus ONLY on ONE THING AT A TIME.

Now here's where it gets interesting:

Because I ONLY have 3 tasks to complete every day, instead of the usual 10 that many try to complete, I HAVE TO make damn sure that I'm very picky with the tasks I choose.

When you ONLY have 3 tasks to do every day, you are essentially forcing yourself to eliminate unimportant tasks


So don't rush.

My guess is that you plan to be in this business for a long time, right?

Then why rush to get everything done today, when you have all the time in the world?

That's not the smart approach.

It's the INSTANT gratification of wanting results NOW, that'll fuck you up more than anything else.

Believe that.

One of those DAILY tasks of the 3 tasks I do each day, is to write an email to you.

That ONE task alone is responsible for MOST of my income.

However, I make sure that I don't just sit down and bang out any old crap and expect to get results.

I do it the right way.


On point.

Making sure that I get the best results I can.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

- Declan "slow as you go" O'Flaherty