Have You Got An Identity Crisis?

I got an email from a delicate dandelion earlier, and I quote:


I find your language off putting. It doesn't show your true personality. I have been on your list for close to 3 months now, and although I think you're a clever guy, when you swear, I cringe.

Maybe it's a strategy you should reconsider?

Paul. H."

Now listen, that message is quite tame, and the person who wrote it prob'ly means well, but what he fails miserably with, is to assume I give a flying fuck what he thinks.

Even to assume the language I use is a strategy, is ridiculous.

This is the pussy-society (not the good kind) which gives brainwashed, delusional people a right to shirk responsibility for their own emotions, and put them square on the shoulders of anyone else but them.

You get me?

If people can't control their own emotions then they have to try control people's behaviour.

And that's what Paul has tried to do by sending me that message.

He wants his opinions to matter.

They do matter, just not to me.


I don't swear to come across bombastic.

I don't do it as a tactic or a strategy.

And I certainly don't do it to get attention.

I curse because that's how I talk to people I like and feel comfortable with. And since this is MY stage, it makes sense to go in with the very same attitude I would have if I was talking to a friend.

Besides, when gosh darn it doesn't cut it, just say fuck it!

Listen, what I've been seeing more and more of, in this business... are people with an identity crisis.

That's not good.

Not good at all.

People buy into people.

People they can relate to.

So unless you're a politician or a self help guru, it's best to just be yourself, no matter what criticism you get. You're going to get criticized regardless, no matter what mask you decide to put on. Besides, trying to be something you're not, or trying to be something you think people expect you to be, will drive you fucking insane.

It's also much easier to be yourself anyway, so just have at it.

Inside Email Prestige I talk a lot, and I mean A LOT about this stuff.

I have to.

Your email list is your biggest asset, right?

The platform that trounces all others when it comes to sales on the Internet.

It just so happens that because of the many out there using every sneaky little gimmick to get open and clicks, you have the biggest advantage if you go the other way completely, and just be yourself.

Do that, and I promise you will eliminate most of your competition.

To find out how to do it the right way, go here next...

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And by the way: You DO NOT have to swear or use colourful language like I do in my emails.

Email Prestige is about tapping into your own natural ability to communicate with people through the filter of YOUR personality, not mine.