Are Your Headlines Falling Flat and Being Ignored?

Why French Children Don't Throw Food:

That was a headline from a news story I came across recently that caught my attention.

Notice how it doesn't make a direct benefit claim?

But, it's still a powerful headline, right?

If you have kids who aren't as well behaved as you would like, the headline "Why French Children Don't Throw Food" would surely get you curious, right?

Is it true?

Are French children better behaved?

Do the French know something we (insert nationality here) don't?

These are the questions you would ask yourself without the headline needing to address them head on.

And that's the power of curiosity.

A very powerful motivator for getting people to pay attention to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers don't do the "curiosity" thing right at all.

They mislead rather than intrigue.

And because of this, their headlines on their sales pages, squeeze pages, blog posts, and even their subject lines in their emails... fall flat and get little attention.

You know who does this better than anyone else?



News stations.

But marketers, don't do it much at all for some strange reason.

Interesting to think about that, because they - and that means you too - could potentially be missing out on one of the most powerful motivators of all when it comes to getting attention.


Just one of the simple changes you can make in your advertising which could drastically increase the response from a lot of your headlines.