How in the Whirld are We Going to Cut Through All this B.S?

Facebook users share over 2 million pieces of content every minute.

Twitter users tweet almost 300,000 times per minute.

YouTube users upload 72 hours of video content per minute.

Email users send over 200 milion messages per minute.

The average person has to sift through, and ignore between 3000 to 20,000 messages each day., which, quite frankly… is fucking mental.

Inevitably this leads to the biggest obstacle you will face.

Massive clutter.


People not paying attention to us because they honestly haven’t got the attention span to do so.

How in the whirld are we going to cut through all that noise?

Scream louder?

Add an extra few pounds of hype onto everything we do?

No thanks.

Sometimes you have to look at who you are, what you’re motivated by, what turns you off, and on.

Making sure your message is delivered through that filter.

You get me?

The saying, “You are not your market,” is a true one.

But not always.

Sometimes you ARE your market.