I Might Have to Beat it to Death with its Own Comb

"Cut out the swearing, you're trying too hard to be macho."

That's what I was told in an email last night...

...by a man.

Well, that's debatable, because the way I see it, there are very few real men anymore.

Maybe half a dozen or so in the entire world.

Something terrible has happened in the last few evolutionary milliseconds.

Men have become pansies.

From hunters to hamsters.

From cutting off beasts heads to getting their nails manicured.

They wouldn't have it in them to punch a horse unconscious.

What really gets my goat, is a lot of women these days don't go for real men.

They're more fancied to the over-priced, nancy-boy footballers who cry when they trip over their long, luscious curls, or the doe-eyed, fresh faced, high pitched voice boy brands.

If I see another man, pouting its lips while taking a selfie in the mirror and posting it on Facebook, I might have to beat it to death with its own comb.

Aaaaand don't get me started on feminists.




Men have been pansied up something terrible.