Incredibly Offensive?

I read a post on a forum recently where a woman didn’t like that one of the subject lines she got from a marketer who’s email list she’s on, had the word “Bro” in it.

And then another woman chimed in saying it's... "Incredibly Offensive" to use the word "Bro" in your subject line if there are women on your list.


Incredibly offensive?

Are you kidding me?

A grown ass woman getting "incredibly offended" because a marketer decides to address HIS audience, in HIS business, by putting "bro" in the subject line of HIS email?

It's like saying; "I'm offended by what you said because of my social and personal conditioning - and rather than taking responsibility for how I feel, I want you to do it for me".

Fuck. Right. Off.

It's the whole, 'I don't need to change, the world does' bullshit, right?

When people start telling what to think, what to say, and how to feel; you can positively ignore the lot of 'em.

Take pleasure in pissing a few nitwits off.

It's good for your mental health.