Monkeys Get Paid Peanuts

Over here in Dublin, the buses have been striking (on strike) because the drivers want more money.

Do they deserve more money?

Do the countless people who rely on buses for transportation deserve to be screwed because of it?

My nephew told me last week that he's sick and tired of the foreigners coming over and taking all the jobs. Apparently he went up to the corner shop around his area and asked if there were any vacant positions.

There weren't, of course, because there are many Polish over here now who have taken such jobs. He wasn't happy, although, when pushed, he admitted he wouldn't work for the small wage the Polish accept.

He has feck all to complain about then, eh?


Employees ask the questions:

"What are you, the employer, the union, whatever, going to put in place to ensure my job won't be handed off to someone else at a later stage?

Where's my security?

The problem with these questions, is that the person asking them, is assuming it's up to someone other than themselves to answer them, and to take care of them. They assume it's the business owner who should work to make an employee more valuable. They assume that the longer they work in a job, the more money they should make regardless of whether or not they have actually gotten better at that job.

The ONLY real questions worth asking are:

"What can I do to make sure I don't lose my job?"

"What can I do to make sure I get a raise?"

For the bus drivers:

Why should they be paid more?

Have they become more valuable, themselves?

Are they driving the bus better than they were last year?

As far as I can make out, that's a big fat NO.

So why do they get to go on strike for more money when they can't offer any more service than what they were employed for in the first place? I mean, the size of your paycheck is ONLY determined by how easy it is to replace you, right? And like it or not, a bus driver is replaceable.

I've nothing against bus drivers, but I'm sure there are a couple of monkeys out there who could do their job for less money, maybe even for peanuts.


For my nephew:

Why should an employer pay him to do a job a foreigner can do better, for less money?


I mean, it's not my job as an employer to make you more valuable to me, that's your fucking job, dipshit.

Make yourself more valuable.

Make yourself irreplaceable.

Make yourself worth a pay rise.

But what about inflation?

What about INFLATION!!!

Surely as the value of the paper we use to buy stuff, deteriorates, we should be given a pay rise to offset the balance.

Fuck no we shouldn't.

That's life, get over it, or do something about it yourself.

The reason you are paid a low income, and you are replaceable, is because you have no other valuable skills that are worth more money?

That's not your employers fault.

It's not the foreigners fault.

It's your fault, isn't it?

Look at you and me?

We don't get to go on fucking strike if our business stagnates.

We don't get to blame anyone else.

We don't get a hand out.

We don't get to go to our union rep.

We have to just get on with it and do whatever it takes to increase the value of what we offer into the marketplace.

That's business.

That's life.

The vast majority of people never take initiative to increase their value to their employer; so they become a commodity; easily replaced.

And rightly so.

Good riddance.

Take a lesson from this:

You too are playing on dangerous grounds if you aren't making yourself and your business indispensable to the marketplace.

You are replaceable.

You know what, though?

All you have to do, really, is not do what the mediocre majority are doing.

Very true.

Where to start?

Add more value.

Become the ONLY person people want to buy from.

Make your products better than everyone elses.

Position yourself different than everyone else.

That's as good a place to start as any.