Nobody Ever Went Broke Underestimating the General Public’s Intelligence

The world is full of suckers.

Because the world is full of suckers, there's no shortage of crazy scams that can be hatched without a hitch.

Whether it's a distant relative you never heard of, who just so happens to be rich, who is now dead, and funnily enough wants to give you all his money in the Will, as long as you give him your bank details first, so the lawyers, who you pay for, can get all that free money to you as quickly and as promptly as possible...

Or simple little things like paying for insurance you don't need...

Or warranties that don't exist...

And of course all hot eastern European girls find 63 year old men, with yellow teeth and bad comb-overs, quite fetching.

Maybe they do.

For the most part, you'd have to have an IQ in the lower single-digit region to fall for most of these scams, but it just so happens there's a whole fucking slew of these people out there who fall for them every. single. day.

Prob'ly on Facebook right now putting up pictures of their dinner with the caption, "Hmm can't wait to dig into this steak and potatoes."

I hope you choke on the steak, you freak.

(That would have sounded much better if those 2 words rhymed)

Another thing, when a message appears at the bottom right corner of your laptop claiming you can have sex with a million girls, tonight, who just live around the corner from where you are now, the correct response is to not take out your credit card.

But many people do just that.

Every day.

You know... that Spanish preacher who just arrived in your hometown, is not actually the reincarnation of Jesus.

He just wants your damn money.

Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the general public’s intelligence.

You look around.

What do you see?

Promise after promise on how to get rich, in two seconds, by just pushing a single button on a software program that costs $7, and better, it's on a dime sale and only a limited amount of copies have been created. Get it today, eradicate poverty in your life, and move out of your tiny home tomorrow, maybe even sooner.

No, I don't like to see decent people get shafted, but it's important to know that the only reason these hare-brained scams exist, is because there will always be people foolish enough to fall for them.

The suckers are out there.

The scam artists are out there.

You can't have one without the other.

But, YOU wouldn't in a billion years fall for this nonsense, right?

Would you?

Do you?

Is it any different than cheaping out on $9 eBooks and still expecting to get a million dollar education?

Many are.

And have been for years.