How NOT to Advertise Your Business

Want to get a good handle on what not to do when advertising your business?

Grab the Yellow pages or Golden pages and sift through all the advertisements.

I used to hate getting junk mail in my letterbox at home. Now, I love to get junk mail, just so I can dissect the adverts.

And you know what?

Almost ALL of the ads in these publications, or mail pieces... are terrible.

In fact, you could earn a very healthy living just by contacting these advertisers and selling them a service on how to double their returns on the ads they run.

And believe me, you could easily double their return just by tweaking their ads.


If you've seen any of them, you'd have noticed that they all like to talk about THEIR business, and how THEY are the best, and how Their company is the cheapest around.

They NEVER address the main concern for the person reading the ads.

What really gets my goat, is when they waste the whole top of the ad space with their stupid, pointless logo.

As if anyone reading the ad gives a monkey's about their logo.

There's an estate agency up my way with a big banner across their storefront that says,
"Estimates Without The Waffle" and they have a picture of waffles. I fucking kid you
not. A big ass picture of waffles. It makes me hungry for waffles more than it does for using
their services.

All very big mistakes when marketing your business.

And they're ALL making these mistakes.


I used to be a plasterer.

Now, if I was to create an ad in the yellow pages, golden pages or a news publication, what I want to be doing, is addressing my target markets BIGGEST concern when hiring a plasterer. Right?

I want to address this right in the ad itself.

No logo.

No "I'm the best in the biz" nonsense.

No "I'm the cheapest".

No arty stuff like the estate agency's waffles nonsense.

Hard truth is...

People don't give a damn about you, your business, your logo, how long your in business, your passions, and not even the service you provide.

All they care about, is what you can do for THEM.

So my ad would have to address the biggest concerns people have when hiring a plasterer.

The two biggest I know from experience are, #1 The mess - #2 Actually
turning up on time

Addressing those two biggest concerns right in the ad itself, AUTOMATICALLY makes me the better option for almost anyone looking to hire a plasterer.

Even if I charged more; I would still get the lion's share of the attention.

Rather than having an add that says...

Looking For A Professional Plasterer?
We Here At Plasterers 'R 'Us have been
in business for 200 years and we are
the best in the business - and our prices
won't be beaten.

Instead I would address their biggest concerns...

We Turn Up On Time, Every time, and We Make Sure
Your Home Is Left Spotless When We Leave.

You see, when you understand that all people really care about, is THEMSELVES, it's so much easier to write ads that trounce the competition.

But you don't create ads in the yellow pages, I hear you scream.

So what?

Can't you take this and adapt it to your online stuff?

You could.

You can.

You prob'ly should.