Parents For Adults

You have been programmed to NEED accountability.

Think about it:

When have you ever, as a young whipper-snapper, wanted to do anything that wasn't fun & easy?

Never, right?

You didn't want to brush your teeth, wash up before or after dinner, go to school, eat your vegetables - and trying to get your ass into bed early must have been a nightmare for your parents. But they MADE you do those things NOT because they were fun & easy, but because they were hard & necessary.

Then you went to school where you were forced to sit up straight, pay attention, read your books and do your sums. Left to your OWN devices, you would have been staring out the window at the buffalo grazing in the fields, probably.

Soon after, you grew up into a big person, and the accountability stopped, right?

Well, it didn't, did it?

You had to work, so you went out and got yourself one of those a J.Oh.B's.

In work you still had accountability though; a BOSS to force you to do that flippin' work that once again wasn't fun & easy.

Ah, but now, finally, you are an entrepreneur.

Now you truly are the adult. You prob'ly have your own little gremlins to program now.

You are self determined, self motivated and self disciplined.

Well, no, you're not.

You still seek out mentors, coaches and gurus to force you to do the things you most likely already know how to do your big bad self.

Even if you aren't an entrepreneur, you probably still would love a personal trainer to help you exercise more and eat better, even though you could easily find a great diet and exercise program online... for free.

And on it goes until you kick the bucket. Always seeking out parents for adults to force you to do the work that isn't fun & easy, and therefore isn't getting done.

So off you go in search for a push-button, poverty-eradicating, easy solution that looks a whole lot more fun & easy than what's currently hard, and most likely necessary.

See how that works?