Red Wrist Paradise

Have you got food in the cupboard?

Have you got food and drinks in the fridge (alcohol or otherwise) that aren't past their sell-by-date?

No, I haven't finally clocked out on the road to red-wrist paradise.

As crazy as the question is, the answer can be the biggest indication to why you're finding it difficult to get focused.

How so?

There's a wonderful thing that happens when your back is against the wall - when you are TRULY in a do-or-die situation and sinking fast, and have no option other than to take action with just ONE thing.

It's called focus.

That kind of focus, by the way, doesn't happen for people who have food on the table and paid bills.

Sure, some folk get focused anyway, but for most, the situation is never dire enough to FORCE action.

"How unfocused and overwhelmed do you think you would be if you knew for a fact that by this time next week you would have no money to pay any bills, buy any food, and had no one to call on to bail you out?"

For real.

Still think you would be overwhelmed and unfocused?

I bet you wouldn't.

None of us would.

You would cut out the crap, pick something to focus on, and get straight into it without a moments hesitation, wouldn't you?

Let's say you ARE going to starve in 2 weeks time and you ARE getting run-kicked out of your house/apt/whatever.

And let's say, for example, you decide the best way to make some cash, is to create a product to sell.

Now, would you piss about trying to create the best product ever created, trying desperately to make it as perfect as possible... or would you create something as quick as possible and get it out there in front of people?

It's the latter, obviously.

I mean, you need money at this stage, not applause, right?

I'm not suggesting you should go out now and create a shit product. I'm saying that you ARE NOW FORCED to quit pissing about with the unnecessary bullshit.

You get focused, right?

You wouldn't have time to go back and forth like a kid in a candy store, trying to decide between lemon bon-bons, raspberry ripples, or whatever else.

Paralysis-by-analysis simply wouldn't be a factor.

It's sad, but true, that in today's times, we have become indecisive with almost all things put in front of us.

Whether it's what movie to watch or what clothes to wear or even what food to eat.

We have become hemming and hawing masters.

Listen. You have too much stuff in your head; too much information; too many decisions to make at any given time.

And it's crippling you.

Rendering you STUCK.

Keeping you from doing anything.

The worrying part is when it becomes a habit, it creates a devastating loop which can be ALMOST impossible to break.

But it CAN be broken.

You CAN get out of that rut from hell.

You do that by making a decision right now to limit your choices.

To what, you ask?

Who fucking cares?

It's not as if working on ONE-thing can be any worse than working on NO-thing, right?

If you are stuck right now, it's prob'ly NOT because you don't know enough already, it's more likely because you know Too. Damn. Much.

The curse of too much knowledge.

It's a real thing.

A good way to use that knowledge, is to teach it.

Get it out of your head.

Oh, and by the way, we ALL suffer from uncertainty from time to time, it's just that some of us have strategies and systems and filters we keep to, and rarely, if ever, do we stray too far off course. Because when we do, we get fucked.

Pick something.

ONE thing.

And for once, just do that.

Creating an info product you can sell, is a good a place to start as any.

Don't know how?

It's easy; let me show you how