Still Think You Need to Know More, to Earn More?

It can be overwhelming.

Nothing new.

The answer isn't to learn more.

In fact, that's kind of the opposite of what you should be doing.

Maybe you think you need to learn more because you feel stupid.

Hey, maybe you are stupid.

I doubt it though.

The real truth is, no matter how much more you try to cram into that noggin of yours; no matter how many blogs, magazines, forums, videos and books you consume, you will STILL know only a tiny fraction of what there is to know

That in itself can feel overwhelming.

Thankfully it's not the reality.

Listen, you don't have to be - nor should you try to be - the expert on all topics to be able to create and sell information to people online.

You seriously don't.

All you need to know is the information people want.

Here's the cool part...

You DON'T even need to know ANYTHING about a topic right out the gate.

You don't need to know it BEFORE you begin.

Instead, you can figure out what people want, then go out and find the information. You can begin this business right where you are, whether you have 30 years of experience or you are just starting out.

I'm in this business 9 years.

You could be in it 9 minutes.

It really doesn't matter.


Because the REALITY is what it is.

Trying to change that, or to wish it were different, is crazy.

And stupid.

Crazy stupid.

So if you are feeling like a fish out of water or a duck in the desert...


Your job is to solve problems people are having.

You most likely plan to do that by providing information.

So start doing it.

Like... NOW.

There's a guru with a wealth of knowledge under his belt.

I mean, the guy is a walking encyclopedia.

You know what, though?

With all his smarts...

With all his experience...

With all his knowledge...

I CAN'T listen to him for 5 minutes without falling into a coma.


I've tried many, many times, and to be fair, he knows his stuff, but I honestly can't remember much of what he teaches.

When I left the hospital, I was no better off knowledge-wise, than I was before I went in after he put me there with another boring presentation

Think about that?

It's important.

There are others out there just like me who value information more; get MORE value from information, when it is delivered by people who are like-minded.

Of course, I'm NOT suggesting that if you're a dopey sort that can't string a sentence together to save your life, that you will be listened to by more people than Eben Pagan, Frank Kern or "Insert Guru Name Here".

What I AM saying is that having a wealth of knowledge and experience is NOT the ONLY important thing.

How many times over the years have you heard something valuable, done absolutely nothing with the information, and then later on down the line you heard the EXACTLY SAME thing said in a different way, by another person, only THIS TIME it made much more sense?

We've all had this experience, right?

The information was the same.

How it was delivered, wasn't.

Still think you need to know more, to earn more?

You don't.

But you DO need to start.

Let me repeat myself: You can figure out what people want, then go out and find the information. You can begin this business right where you are, whether you have 30 years of experience or you are just starting out.

Get that into your head.

And then begin creating and selling information that people want.

They can prob'ly get it anywhere.

On YouTube.


Free reports.



IT doesn't matter.

What DOES matter is that the information is ONLY part of the puzzle.

The person delivering that information, in their own way, is just as important.

If that wasn't the case, NOBODY would be buying information in the first place.

In fact, they could go out and research it themselves.

But they don't.


Because they don't know how to.

They don't know where to begin.

But YOU do, right?

So fucking help them then.

It is, after all, your ONLY job.

Otherwise, what's the point of you being in this business?

Yeah, I just called your ass out.

I do it with love and affection, though.

A little hard and stern, but hey, that's my way.

Totally the opposite of what most do..

That's MY thing.

What's yours?

This leads me nicely, and ever so plannededly, onto my Effortless Info Product Training Course.

Effortless Info Products will show you EXACTLY how to research, compile, package, deliver and grow an information-products business, by showing you PRECISELY how to copy an ALREADY-SUCCESSFUL one!

You won't see it advertised on the page, but I've also included a 26 step action plan which will take you from start to finish on the path to creating your information product.

Each video will present you with ONE task to complete.

You watch a video, find out what action step to take; then you go execute that task before you move on to the next one.

When you use the 26 step action plan in conjunction with the MAIN Effortless Info Products training, you will easily have your own info product up and running after the 26 steps are completed; ready to sell repeatedly, over and over again for many years to come.

Good times my friend.

To find out more, go here...

Effortless Info Products

Enjoy the rest of your day.

- Declan "kicking you in the face repeatedly" O'Flaherty