Thinking Like The Fish

Think about the marketplace right now.

The make money online crowd, for example, WANT to make money, like, yesterday.

They want it quick.

They want it easy - and they don't want to do any work to get it.

Marketers know this, right?

So why wouldn't they create information products attracting these kind of people?

They would.

They do.

They are.

In fact, when you look at most information products these days, they're tailored specifically to making money quickly, easily, and without killing yourself working to get it.

But would these information products exist if more people had FOCUS in their business?

I doubt it.

The truth is, there will always be a large group (80/20) of people who buy into the crap that promises a lot and ends up delivering little.

Not to mention the charlatans who take advantage of this fact.

As John Rade, the guy labeled as the worlds greatest fisherman puts it...

"All the spinners, feathers, and bright, shiny, colorful trinkets sold in bait & tackle fishing shops across the country, are there to attract fishermen, NOT fish"

Sounding familiar?

The same goes for most of the information products being sold in our grubby little industry.

They're created to catch unfocused people, not to catch people who already have clarity in their business.

Worth thinking about, because "clarity" is the ONE thing you must have.

Now, my belief is that too many marketers are teaching too many isolated tactics that never actually lead to a sustainable income for the people who buy into them.

It's a lot like slot machine marketing rather than vending machine marketing.

One is a complete gamble when you put your money in, the other gives you a predictable result.

Predictable is good, right?