Why Am I So Ugly?

Last night, half way through my beauty sleep, (I only need a few hours - any more and I wake up looking like Orlando Bloom) I woke up thinking...

"What's a good way of getting into the minds of everyday people?"

I already had the answer, but just play along anyway.

I could just ask people what they are thinking, maybe send out a survey.

That's what marketing people say, right? Send out a survey?

But, people lie, don't they?

They lie all the bloody time.

To their friends and family and partners and even themselves.

I'm pretty sure they lie on surveys too.

Google knows the truth though.

You have a problem; off to Google you go to look for the answer.

The more embarrassing the problem, the MORE likely you'll ONLY ask Google for help, and no one else.

Makes sense, right?

When I typed "Why am I..." into Google, it automatically filled in the rest of the sentence with the MOST searched terms this month.

In short: What people are REALLY thinking!

The most searched term which starts with "Why am i..." is,
"Why am I so tired"

Followed by "Why am I so cold" - "Why am I always hungry" and "Why am I so ugly"

I doubt anyone is telling a survey that their biggest obstacle in life, is self esteem, which comes from feeling ugly, and it's the main reason they struggle in business too.

Right, that information is prob'ly useless unless you're a plastic surgeon, but if that's what you're thinking, then I'm afraid you're kinda missing the point.

Worth thinking about at least, yes?